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Over the years I've created a number of limited edition books and portfolios. In a few instances these hand-made books are in an edition of one, but more frequently they are three to five. For instance, I made five limited edition books, each in an edition of three, that were for sale at my 1999 retrospective at The Witkin Gallery. These books were bound volumes of silver prints. All the books up to 2006 consist of silver prints; subsequent books are made up of ink jet images. I think the ink jet prints are far superior from the standpoint of being bound as a book. The paper is more flexible and easier to work with, both in terms of making prints and the binding process. The new capabilities offered by various Internet publishers in creating small runs of books lends itself to exciting possibilities that I'll undoubtedly explore in the future.


Limited Editions Books of Photographs with Essay


William S. Burroughs 70th Birthday Thirty-Three photographs taken during the period 4 – 11 February 1984 with Victor Bockris, Howard Brookner, Jim Carroll, Miles Copeland, Allen Ginsberg, James Giorno, James Grauerholz, Peter Orlovsky, Lou Reed, Shelley Shier, Ira Silverberg, Sting, Kurt Vonnegut, et al

A Wall of Clouds – Twenty-Four Portraits 1977-1980, 1999 Berenice Abbott, Al Casey, Maggie Condon, John DeVries, Joyce Fay, Laura Foreman, Astrud Gilberto, Sybil Huskey, George James, Woody Herman/Ruby Braff, Allegra Kent, Lois Miller, Lisa Mojer, Michael Moriarty, Gerry Mulligan/Franca Rota, Jacqueline Onassis, Hannibal Peterson, Perry Robinson, T. M. Stevens, Clarice Taylor & Margaret Whitton

The Marble Orchard Graveyard Rambles – Thirty-One Photographs 1971- 1998, 1999

First Blues – Allen Ginsberg 1981-1987 - Twenty-Six Photographs, 1999 with Berenice Abbott, William S. Burroughs, John Cage, Gregory Corso, Robert Creeley, Merce Cunningham, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, John Giono, Mike Jones, John Hammond, David Letterman, Peter Orlovsky, Nam June Pail, Sting, Joe Strummer, Andy Summers, Steven Taylor, Andrei Voznesensky, et al

The Ghosts of Harlem – Twenty Six Portraits, 1999 Andy Kirk, Doc Cheatham, Cab Calloway, Benny Carter, Lawrence Lucie, Jonah Jones, Jabbo Smith, Eddie Barefield, Danny Barker, Milt Hinton, Sy Oliver, Buck Clayton, Maxine Sullivan, Red Richards, Buddy Tate, Al Casey, Sweets Edison, Jay McShann, Dizzy Gillespie, Panama Francis, Sammy Lowe, Clark Terry, Illinois Jacquet, Frank Wess, Thelma Carpenter, Milt Jackson

28 Portraits 26 Years 1973 – 1999, 1999 Berenice Abbott, Fernando Botero, Brassai, William F. Buckley, Jr., Williams S. Burroughs, Maggie Condon, Gregory Corso, Hans Falk, Astrud Gilberto, Dizzy Gillespie, Allen Ginsberg, Phillip Johnson, Kasoundra Kasoundra, Allegra Kent, Andre Kertesz, Harry Lunn, Leo Meiersdorff, Lois Miller, Jacqueline Onassis, Emily Remler, Shelley Shier, Issac B. Singer, Raphel Soyer, Liza Stelle, Rudy Van Gelder, Margaret Whitton, Elie Wiesel

LIZA – Some Memories and A Few Photographs 1973 – 1999 2000 Liza Stelle, Margaret Whitton, Berenice Abbott, Bryan Kollman, Maggie Condon, Phyllis Condon, Kasoundra Kasoundra, Romy Ashby, Foxy Kidd, Mickey Snyder, Elizabeth Bennett, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, et al

Clint Eastwood – Out of the Shadows - Thirty-Five Portraits, 2001 Clint Eastwood, Dina Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Nat Hentoff, Rip Torn, William Goldman, Janet Maslin, Eli Wallach, Phyllis Huffman, Martin Scorcese, Gene Hackman, Lennie Niehaus, Richard Schickel, Morgan Freeman, Walter Mosley, Donald Sutherland, Jack Green, Geoffrey Lewis, Buddy Van Horn, Joe Hyams, Joe Cox, James Garner, Bill McKinney, Ruth Woods, Barry Reardon, Joshua Redman, and Henry Bumstead.

Union Square – September 2001 137 Photographs 2002

Seven Hours At High Gate Cemetery 1988/1993/2002 – 40 Photographs 2003

Cancer Eyes – 96 Photographs 2006

A Few Pianists – 53 Photographs 2006 Clint Eastwood, Jay McShann, Dave Brubeck, Dr. John, Barry Harris, Renee Rosnes, Kenny Barron, Ray Charles, Henry Gray, Pete Jolly, Hank Jones and Oscar Peterson.

The Gates 24, 26, 27 February 2005 – 93 Photographs 2007

Highway Route 80 At 80 August 2005 – January 2006 – 72 photographs 2007

Shadowman – The Street Art of Richard Hambleton 1981- 1987 – 60 photographs and illustrations, 2009

A Wall of Clouds 1976-1980, 113 photographs, 2011

Winona 1970 – 1973, 122 photographs, 2012

Projects 1953 – 2012, 79 photographs, 2012

New York 1953 – 2013, 179 photographs, 2013

Vigeland – Granite and Sky 1986 – 2011, 105 photographs, 2013

Limited Edition Books of Photographs Without An Essay


China, Korea and Japan – A Few Photographs Sixty-Four photographs taken in May 1996

A Gathering Of Theremins 1996 with Jean Bach, Doris & Tom Caravaglia, Wendy Carlos, Bill Carter, Marge Champion, Maggie Condon, Myrna & Paul Davis, Annemarie Franklin, Astrud Gilberto, Bob Greene, Oren Jacoby, Allegra Kent, Steve Martin, John Moore, Tom O’Horgan, Warren Spector, Jennifer Stroup, Betsy West, Margaret Whitton and others. An album of twenty-eight photographs.

Before Eastwood After Hours – A Few Afternoons Of Jazz 1997 with Kenny Barron, James Carter, Jerry Dodgion, Clint Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Arthur Elgort, Jon Faddis, Earl Garnder, Slide Hampton, Roy Hargrove, Winard Harper, Barry Harris, Kendall Kay, Ralph LaLama, Kevin Mahogany, Christian McBride, Charles McPherson, Jay McShann, Thelonious Monk, Jr., James Moody, Lennie Niehaus, Dick Oatts, Flip Phillips, Joshua Redman, Bruce Ricker, James Rivers, Renee Rosnes, Jimmy Scott, Shelley Shier, Gary Smulyan, Kenny Washington, George Wein, Frank Wess, Claude Williams, Dennis Wilson, et al An album of eighty-five photographs.