Published Works

Limited Editions

Discounting liner notes for various jazz records, my first published work for public consumption appeared in 1972 and was entitled The Eddie Condon Scrapbook of Jazz. My most recent book was published in 2009, the English-language edition of The Ghosts of Harlem, which had originally appeared in French in 1996. During the 37 years in between there have been many book, booklets, pamphlets, magazine articles, portfolios, LP liner notes, CD booklets and other types of publications that require words and photographs.

Most of these publications have had some relationship to either photography or music and in some instances both. I have never found it difficult to get published on a modest level, in magazines or with projects associated with music, but books have often been a struggle. I do not write anything that is geared towards popular consumption and large photography-based books are often costly. Both these factors often discourage publishers. Nonetheless, the books and other publications continu e to make their way into print, they retain their value and usually appreciate and in some instances are republished. In the years to come I hope my list of published works grows substantially as there are a number of competed projects that should see the light of day.


Books (Text and Illustrations)


The Eddie Condon Scrapbook of Jazz (St. Martin's Press, 1973)

A Vision Shared (St. Martin's Press, 1976)

Berenice Abbott - American Photographer (McGraw-Hill, 1982)

Life Is Painful, Nasty and Short ... In My Case It Has Only Been Painful and Nasty - Djuna Barnes 1978-81 (Paragon, 1990)

Charlie Parker The Funky Blues Date (Filipacchi, 1995)

The Ghosts of Harlem (Filipacchi, 1997) French language edition

The Ghosts of Harlem (Vanderbilt University Press, 2009) English language edition

Hank O’Neal Portraits 1971-2000 (Sordoni Art Gallery, 2000)

Billie & Lester in Oslo (A Play with Music, 2005)

Gay Day – The Golden Age of the Christopher Street Parade (Abrams, 2006)

Berenice Abbott (Steidl, 2008)

Berenice Abbott (Thames & Hudson, 2010)

Berenice Abbott (Lunwerg (Spain), 2010)

XCIA – The Street Art Project (Siman Media Works, 2012)

The Unknown Abbott (five volumes including Eary New York, The American Scene, Greenwich Village, Deep Woods, US One USA, Steidl 2013)

Berenice Abbott – The Paris Portraits (Steidl, 2014)


Books (Photographs Only)


Allegra Kent's Water Beauty Book (St Martin's Press, 1976)

All the King's Men (Limited Editions Club, 1990)




Berenice Abbott - Portraits In Palladium (Text Only, Commerce Graphics/ Lunn Limited, 1990)

Hank O'Neal - Photographs (Text and Photographs, Limited Editions Club, 1990)

The Ghosts of Harlem (Photographs and Text, Glenside Press, 2007)

Ten Jazz Portraits (Harry Belafonte, Tony Bennett, Dave Brubeck, Ornette Coleman, Clint Eastwood, Hank Jones, Lee Konitz, Junior Mance, Billy Taylor, and Clark Terry) (Autographed Photographs and Text, Glenside Press, 2010)



The Red River Photographs of Berenice Abbott (Provincetown Fine Arts Center, 1979)

Botero (Photographs Only, Diogenes, 1983)

George Wettling (Sordoni Art Gallery, 1986, Conjunctions #16, revised version, 1991)

Mel Powell - Watercolors (Sordoni Art Gallery, 1987)

The Beauty of Physics (New York Academy of Sciences, 1987)

Berenice Abbott (Centre National de la Photographie, 1995)

The Graphic Art of Paul Bacon (Sordoni Gallery, 1999)